Top Banks Investing in Blockchain Firms and Crypto

Banks all over the world have started classifying crypto as an asset class and investing in decentralized technology platforms. As per blockchain intelligence firm Blockdata, 55 out of the 100 largest global banks by assets under management (AUM) have entered the crypto space. They have either invested directly in digital assets or indirectly backing blockchain firms. 

Here are some of the top banks in the world investing in crypto and blockchain, data-backed by Blockdata:

1. Standard Chartered

London-headquartered Standard Chartered bank has an AUM worth $789 billion. The bank has invested as much as US$ 380 million in the five crypto-related firms, including digital currency Ripple (XRP), and blockchain companies such as Cobalt, Dianrong, Linklogis, and Metaco.

2. BNY Mellon

The New York-based BNY Mellon has an AMU of $470 billion. The financial service provider has put almost $321 million through five investments in digital assets custody platform Fireblocks, HQLAx, technology enterprise R3, and crypto exchange Fnality International.

3. Citibank

Another US-based bank has as much as $2,2600 billion under its management. The leading banking institution has made 14 investments through BUCK, Chain, SETL, Axoni, Digital Asset, Symbiont, etc.

4. USB

The Swiss bank has been managing assets worth $1,126 billion as of July 2021. It has invested overall $266 billion in Axoni, ConsenSys, R3, and Fnality International. 

The Zurich-based bank has been using, a blockchain-powered trade finance platform to make all crypto-related transactions. 

5. BNP Paribas

The French bank has AMU worth 3,081 billion. It has made nearly nine transactions amounting to $236 million in Digital Asset, HQLAx (R3’s distributed ledger), R3, METRON, Komgo token, and TradeIX.

6. Morgan Stanley

One of the leading banks of the United States has $1,116 billion in its management kitty. Its $234 million amount has been floating in NYDIG, R3, and Securitize. 

7. Barclays

The United Kingdom’s second-largest bank, Barclays, has collaborated with multiple blockchain technology firms. It has over 22 investments worth $12 million in crypto and decentralised companies. It has invested in RealBlocks, R3, The Sun Exchange, Post Quantum, Fnality International, etc.

8. Nomura

The Japanese bank manages as much as $432 billion. The Tokyo-based financial service facilitator has invested US$ 146 million in five tranches among Qunatstamp, Komainu, R3, and Secutritize.

9. ING

The Amsterdam-headquartered bank has approximately $1,147 billion in AUM. It has six investments in crypto and blockchain worth $170 million. It has invested in HQLAx, Komgo, R3, Fnality International, and Vakt.

10. Goldman Sachs

The New York-based bank has been beefing up its crypto inventories since early 2021. It has $1,163 billion in its AUM portfolio. The bank has invested as much as $204 million in distributed ledger solutions provider Axoni, global payment firm Veem, Blockdaemon, R3, Coin Metrics, and HQLAx.

11.JP Morgan Chase & Co.

JP Morgan has started allowing clients to put their money in digital assets such as Ether exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and Bitcoin ETFs. It handles assets worth $3,386 billion. The bank has invested $206 million in Digita Asset, R3, HQLAx, and Axoni.

12. BBVA

The Spanish bank has amplified its investment in blockchain companies and virtual currencies. The $796 billion AUM holder has invested $167 million in software company Covault, Cambridge Blockchain, Everledger, R3, and Solarisbank. 

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