Blockchain to Improve Public Distribution System in India

Subsidized rationing or Public Distribution System (PDS) forms the core of survival for many families. The manual ration distribution mechanism …

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WazirX launches India’s first crypto exchange transparency report & policy think tank

WazirX is always committed towards investors safety and security. The platform has reciprocated the same by maintaining and protecting them …

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Blockchain Revamping Healthcare Industry

Recent pandemic mandated involvement of masses in mainstream healthcare ecosystem which has accelerated the shift of healthcare industry towards digitization …

person signing loan agreement for purchase of apartment

How Blockchain will Revolutionize Banking in India

$2 trillion. That is the total addressable market size of the crypto economy. And 13 of the largest banks in the …

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Must Read

Crypto Industry: A Boon to Clean Energy Adoption 

The share of clean energy usage when it comes to crypto mining centres is higher than mainstream enterprises where oil …

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How Blockchain Can Overhaul the Cyber Security Industry?

$345.4 Billion. That’s how much the global cyber security industry will grow till 2026 from USD 217.9 Billion in 2021 …

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